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I was always afraid of clowns and I got over it miraculously, this fear is not unique, but I was interested in exploring it.

Throughout history, in earlier periods of time, in previous centuries while most men were analphabets, clowns enjoyed true freedom of expression, they were the ones expressing their emotions, enticing individuals into a world of consciousness, creating a meaningful interpretation of society norms using humor. Nothing was held sacred in their eyes.

Through These historical findings, philosophical and psychological findings by Freud, Jung, Plato, and scientific research findings and books, have brought me to the understanding that the clown sharply and charmingly, opens the door to that certain secret area, which I call Terra Incognita. It obscures the realist reality and takes us up into the abstract reality, confuses us with "the existing" and out of this chaos creates harmony, causing individuals to disconnect from external influences, silences the senses, and thus reduces external stimuli and allows us to access his psyche.

The clown is a modern art that is a tool for self, an expressive expression, and the artist's inner vision.

This clown who shows the world in a way that was not perceived in my eye and was not perceived by my experiences of the world of phenomena no longer frightens me anymore, I feel complete with the clown and understand that through him one can understand the most inner interest of an individual, to understand things intellectually and freely through the soul.

In the Beginning, Clowns have appeared in most cultures throughout history. The earliest documented clowns go back to ancient Egypt, some time around 2500 to 2400 BCE. Clowns were also around in ancient Greek and Roman societies. These clowns would eventually evolve into the court jesters of medieval Europe, who "would openly mock sex, food, drink, and the monarchy, all while behaving maniacally for a laugh."


Andrew McConnell Stott, Dean of Undergraduate Education and English professor at the University of Buffalo, SUNY, has researched the idea of dark clowns and is considered something of an expert on the subject. Of the court jesters, he said, "The medieval fool was continually reminding us of our mortality, our animal nature, of how unreasonable and petty we can be." He also spe