• Canceling the purchase and receiving a refund is possible on condition that the item was mailed to us within 2 business days from the day it was received. All you have to do is mail the item via registered mail, and email its tracking number to

  • If we see that the item has been mailed to us within two days of being received, we shall refund you the full sum with no additional cost! (Even if the item takes a month to arrive here). What matters is when it was sent to us, not when it arrived here. (We are able to track its progress by the tracking number which you emailed to us). An additional option is bringing it directly to the warehouse at Kfar Chabad, by a prior appointment only, please dial 050-5886418 to arrange a time.

  • ** You can receive an exchange voucher if the items were returned within 14 business days from the day when you received them, and no later.

  • ** Items purchased as a part of a sale deal may be returned within four business days, and no later.

  • ** We offer a warranty for damaged items and will exchange them immediately for an intact one.